Sunday, September 11, 2011

About Us

I have so much to tell you. Once I decided to write a blog I have thought of a thousand things to tell. I am the mother of Hazel and CC (Claire Christine), Quinn, James and Wilson (baby triplets). We have the best life, but it is quite tense sometimes.

It took Nathan and I while to have children, 7 years. Then we had them in clusters or heats. It is as though all those children were up in heaven saying, "no, don't send me don't send me, not to her! I will only go if you send me down with them." So Hazel was my first. She is my champion and best buddy. Her birth mother Momma Jessica is our heroine and our friend. She gave us a daughter that is so much like me sometimes I wonder she didn't come out of me and CC out of her. Hazel is brave, energetic, super capable, silly and wild. CC is the same age. She and Hazel are opposites. I often don't give her the credit she deserves because her talents are not as visible. She isn't a daredevil, but she naturally sweet and kind, patient, generous and loving. She gives me confidence and shows love easily.

Both girls are amazing singers. At 2years old they could sing the first verse and chorus to "America the Beautiful", and "Master the Tempest is Raging" (I thought it would help with Hazels temper) and they recently added "Farmer Tan", "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?" and "On Top of Spaghetti" to their repertoire. I don't push them to sing, but I sing all the time and they pick it up. They both love learning.

 Special thanks to Rachelle Olmos for the above photo. I love it, that is about what is is like around here. She did a great job capturing cuteness. Quinn is just wondering what everyone is so upset about. She is pretty calm and happy. My mom would call her a floor baby. Just happy to play and be on her own.
And thank you to Mallory Hurst for the bottom shots. Both photographers live in Utah are creative and do a fantastic job. If you go to her website some of the first wedding shots you will see are of Nathans brother Stephen and his wife Sidnee ( both eminently photographable and loved by me, Sidnee is Mallorys younger sister. I love Mallorys use of lighting and vibrant colors.

My neglect has paid off, both Hazel and CC have always loved to swing. I used to get swing elbow (like tennis elbow, very crippling!) When I had the triplets, I couldn't swing them anymore. So they both learned how to swing by themselves. My great accomplishment this summer is helping a very hesitant CC learn to ride her bike (with training wheels).

I can tell you all about the triplets, but that can wait. Their little personalities are still developing so more for another day. Needless to say Quinn is the girl, she was born 6.10lbs, James was next at 5.10lbs, Wilson was last at 5.3lbs. I am so proud of them my buttons are bursting. Someday I would like to tell you what a normal day is like for us. So from left to right, Hazel, Quinn, Wilson, James and CC.


  1. I love it!! So glad you are blogging and chronicling the life of being a mom of 5 kids that are 3 and under! I know you will inspire a lot of people...and maybe get a free limo upgrade out of it. Ha ha!

  2. I look forward to hearing about a "normal day"....

  3. The moment I've been waiting for... Sherry blogs! I'm so glad. The world needs to know your family. Love you.