Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Did You Get CC?

Hazel is a great colorer. For her age she shows great use of color choice, fills out the pictures well and uses bold strokes. Grammy Pammy took the girls to Jumping Jacks. There was a coloring contest, Hazel really took her time and did a great job. She ended up winning!

When we went to pick up the prize they told us that CC got a prize too. Hazel got a great big basket filled with toys and candy. CC got an Easter egg. I had to stop myself from running down to Walmart and making it even. I knew at this time CC had to "drink her bitter cup". I think it is part of life learning. I can't make everything even for those two, because they are so different. But I do try to be fair. I come down harder on Hazel because she is more contentious and defiant. CC probably doesn't get in as much trouble as Hazel, but I suit my parenting to each girl. My problem with CC is she just silently wanders away. If I ask the girls to clean their rooms, Hazel will stand and confront me- she usually gets in trouble for yelling, CC just wanders away, not as punishable, but the room still needs to get cleaned. The beauty of Hazel though, is if she is committed to a cause she will get it done, period.

Anyway, back to CC drinking her bitter cup. On the way out to the car, I report hearing the following conversation.
Hazel: Hey, Cease (her nickname for CC as though you can get it any shorter.) what did you get?
CC: Two candies!
Hazel: Sweet can I have one?
CC: Sure.
Gives Hazel one of her egg candies.

What a gal that CC. She has amazing qualities much like N8. My close neighbor Amanda ( will testify that Nathan  amazes us constantly by his mild and kind ways, his whole family is like that. I can count on one hand the times I have seen Nathan blow up about something (besides BYU Football). How many other dads, as involved as he, is can say that? Oh, and he loves to clean. CC is like him mild and delightful. Unfortunately, Hazel and I go head to head more often than I would like. But I know if I can keep it together, and we can all forgive each others ugliness from time to time, we will all be real best friends. I am raising my future best friends. They are my friends now, but my roll is more of a parent. Someday, I believe it will change to friend and mentor. Glorious.


  1. PS, Allison says that she has similar battles with Sawyer (and Abiline and I are the mellow ones).

    Variety is the spice of family.

  2. you finally took the plunge, eh?
    you are a natural blogger. welcome.
    i am glad i can spy on you this way now instead of just driving past your house hoping to get a glimpse.

    if you ever want to read my blog, even though its not as amazing as yours, it might shed some light on my enigma self...

    and btw, congrats on your new stomach. i am wicked jealous.

  3. And what a gift that you've decided to share your journey. I feel really grateful!