Sunday, February 12, 2012

No Charge for the Donuts

It was Thursday, last week. My kids and I are driving home from picking up Hazel and CC from dance class. I feel like I want them to have a little treat. So I pull up to the Delipan, (mexican bakery a block from our home, I hear the donuts are a little dry, but to a kid- a treat is a treat!). Take up four stalls parking right in front of the door, that's okay it's never busy. Two little mexican ladies run the shop so I feel safe with what I am about to do.

It would be a major pain to take all the babies in to get Hazel and CC donuts so I give Hazel my debit card. She is a 9 year old stuck in a 4 years old's body anyway.  I tell her to ask the lady at the counter for help choosing one donut each. Then she is to pay for the donuts by giving them my card and bringing me the receipt.

Within a minute, the girls were out again with a lumpy paper bag each and huge grins. Hazel hands me the debit card.

I get out of the car to thank the ladies. Both mamasitas are standing at the store window watching the advent of two giggly little girls in tights and tutus bubble into the back of the limo.


  1. Well, now I love those mamacitas.

  2. awww, this just makes me happy xoxoxox auntie g

  3. Oh I am sure you made their (as in the worker's) day! ahaha