Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Update

Hazel is 4 and CC turns 4 on St Patrick's day.

Hazel and CC have joined a dance school. Ballet to be exact. I must remember to practice with them through the week. Poor Miss Amber. If I don't practice with the girls they will have forgotten it all by the next class and have to relearn it. When we pull up for dance in the limo, the other parents in their SUVs and vans stare me down, 'Is she for real?'. Totally.

Babies are 10 months

Quinn is ever the apple of Nathans eye. She is so lovely and delightful. If I finger swipe her once a day, I finger swipe her a thousand times. Let me tell you, there is true technique that goes into finger swiping a kid with seven little chompers. She is quite the vacuum, army crawling along- testing out carpet strands, dirt, bits of paper and strawberry shortcake toy shoes. Sometimes she gets lucky on a piece of dropped fruit or cookie, or a nice bit of salty cracker, she never stops trying. It is getting so bad that I no longer find it necessary to finger swipe for the following- paper, old food and wipes (she attacks the container), or carpet fibers as they come out... umm, whole. But I am a good mom, I still finger swipe for crayons even though they are non-toxic, oh and anything glass, plastic or metal.

James the toupee, loves the bathroom, we try to keep the door shut but sometimes forget as we are just learning to arm ourselves against the little crawlers. I found James behind the toilet the other day licking the plunger. (Why is it that moms want to divulge these gross details, maybe we are seeking acceptance, or help, please tell me your kid is just as gross.) At any rate he loves the bathroom. As soon as they are changed for the day, it is as though they look back to me and say, 'see ya mom, we are out of here' they hit the door and disappear for Baby Mecca (Hazel and CCs room).
They other day I saw James and Quinn pushing a ball, then crawling after it.  One would get it and fumble it, then they would both go for it!

Wilson took his first attempts at baby freedom today as he crawled in his room, but hasn't made it out the door yet. Do you know about how much anxiety I feel with 3 babies making off for parts unknown as soon as the day breaks? Wilson is delicious and sweet as candy. He is my lil' buddy, well they all are. Man, I feel so much joy with all these babies, I feel crazy happy more than ever in my life.

I usually try to keep track of babies and locations, but I sure wish I could get them to answer back when I call. James, where are you? Over here, behind the toilet mom! Quinny, where are you? In Hazel and CCs room eating shoes! Wilson, where are you? In my room, where you left me, where everyone leaves me! Sorry buddy, you just need to learn to crawl, I can't do it for you.

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  1. Licking the plunger. Licking the plunger! Just think what a gift that must be for his immune system. (That which does not kill us makes us stronger.)