Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Carnage

This is a Where's Waldo of babies, can you spot them all?

Quinn was crazy happy with all the carnage scattered about. Wrapping paper, toy pieces and family members to chew on. As for me, Nathan took advantage of the Christmas season to buy me gluten free treats I normally deny myself as they are too pricey for my blood. I have glutted enough on them -gluten free licorice, salt and vinegar chips, specialty chocolates, gluten free brownies and a chocolate orange. I had to put what I didn't eat in the freezer so I don't lose myself control, if I want it bad enough, I will break a tooth on it. Let's hope the next shot of me I post, I still have a full set.

Wils (yes, he is a boy) looking like the venerable Abe Lincoln with a mash potato beard. Sorry about the pink jammies kid, at least they are clean


  1. All you need to survive is the cocoa dusted truffles. Those are enough. I love these pictures of the babies on Christmas- I love those kids so so much..

  2. That's okay. The mashed potato beard gives him masculine credibility. Pink used to be a boy color anyway, and Alice blue was for girls. Look it up.