Sunday, December 25, 2011

Idea That Didn't Work

When I asked Nathan to remove the table legs so we could eat Japanese style, I really thought it would work. We usually have a few babies to hold while eating, or we can put them on the floor so I figured, at least we can be all together on the floor. He did it, only because I had gained credibility as an "out of the box thinker" with the crazy limo idea, but when Quinn crawled across the table to attack Hazels bowl of soup, we knew it was a no-go. Legs back on. How do the Japanese keep their babies off the table?


  1. too cute! wish it was a video :) good idea, though! It is so fun to see the babies growing by leaps and bounds. Have you invested in yards of foam to 'bumper' everything when they're upright, haha? Love you all, xoxo auntie g

  2. i STILL think its a good idea. go Sherry.

  3. I just pictured in my head suspending the babies from the ceiling, sort of Johnny Jumper style, but that would lead to all kinds of Cirque du Soleil stunts at table. Now that's a family dinner I'd like to see on YouTube!