Monday, November 21, 2011


Someone recently asked me how teething was with three babies. Quinn already has 2 teeth so I thought I knew it would be no problem. Someone Kill me now. Babies are whining and fussing all day. Diapers are horrendous and runny, odd fevers are rampant and everyone is looking at me like, "Mom, can you fix me? I feel sick."

No, I can't fix you. This is a bitter cup you need to drink all on your own. I want to fix it. I want to hold you all day with my nose canceling earphones, listening to Sergio Mendez, Paul Simon and Jack Black while you belly ache about the woe's of teething. For right now, I can hold you some but that is all.

Everyone is napping in separate rooms so they don't wake each other at all, Quinn in my room, James in the baby room and Wilson in our scary basement (I hope it won't have any effect on him, that he doesn't grow up to be an ax-murderer.)

More posts to come, let me get my feet under me.


  1. A week ago Rob and I finally went to see the last Harry Potter movie at the dollar theater. I found a magic wand in the parking lot, a kind of curvy, cool, ergonomically correct tree branch. I haven't learned how to use it yet, but I'd be willing to loan it to you if you think it would help.

  2. I love it. I think that wand fell into the hands of the rightful owner, remember the wand chooses it's owner. But could you send a spell this way?