Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nate the Cowboy

Old picture, but one of my favorites, we rarely get a real smile. N8 and I had just hiked Havasupai, one of my favorite places (2006ish)
If you know Nathan, my mild mannered husband as a friend or co-worker, you may be surprised to know that he is bold in ways I am not. When we found out about the triplets I was very concerned about finances, I worried how were we going to make it with diapers and formula for three. A friend talked to me about various government programs, she said that they could at least pay for formula and that it would help us not sink financially. We could qualify for them with our family size. I talked to Nathan about it. We aren't huge spenders he is more conservative than I but I feel rich when I buy freezer baggies or napkins.  I was so scared of the poverty  I thought we would find ourselves in, (it's the pack rat in me, or maybe the squirrel) I was afraid to eat into our savings and have nothing for a rainy day.
Here is how I feel N8 is so brave. He convinced me that we could do this on our own, that we didn't need  financial help.
I don't know where the money is coming from, I am afraid to add up all the numbers and find out, but we have not found ourselves empty. I know that we are being blessed for our decision. I didn't know I could do this and I thank Nate for showing me that I can.
So much of the confidence I have I owe to him. I feel like he teaches me so much and is makes me successful.


  1. Thank goodness for husbands. :) Dave does the same thing for me.

  2. He must get that non-smiling thing from his dad :) haha. I love your picture (and the personalized plate!), new format is fun. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving - are you making it to Grumpy's retirement? hugs all around xoxox Auntie G