Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Park Lovers

Not quite thrill seekers like their sisters Quinn and Hazel, they share a swing for emotional support 
Bring it on 

Hazel and CC have been able to swing since they were 2 and 3 years old.  They achieve great heights on their own

CC fair maiden swinging gal

These girls love "Rice-centennial"Park and ask to go there all the time, I don't bother correcting them, it is too funny. When N8 and I were engaged, we played capture the flag at Bicentennial park nighttime style with a group of friends, N8 tried to cheat by driving his Mustang through a muddy area and got it stuck. No one could find him after the game got over. Then we heard the sound of a car spinning its wheels in the muck, everyone had to push/pull and pry the car out. Quite humorous.

We found Sherwood forest and looking for Robin Hood with his band of merry men, followed a dry creek bed for a time

Hey wait a second...

No one takes pictures of the pictures taker
There, here I am in nature happy as a clam
These pictures really bug Hazel and CC as I write this they are hugging me and wondering why I was so sad, ummm, shouldn't they be more worried why their mother looks like a ghostly tired dead person?
I wasn't really sad at all. I loved it!

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