Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Chorus of Factory Girls

I have told you before that Hazel and CC do chores around our home. One thing I haven't mentioned is that we call the chores "Working in moms factory" And that the girls beg to work in my factory. (How long will that last?)
Here are some of the favorite chores they can do, I give them a spray bottle with soap in it and tell them to scrub and clean all the chairs and the table, or spray all the fingerprints in doorways, vacuum, sweep, clean all the doorknobs, pick up, put away, wash not very dirty pots or unload parts of the dishwasher. I try to give them good rewards for these, cheer them on and show them where else to clean.

The last thing I say before I cut them loose is, "after you are done I will come check your work." Oh man, it gives me at least a good 20 mins on my own. Blissful.

So working in my factory is different than making your bed or cleaning your room, those are personal chores, factory work improves the family. With personal chores, I just ask it to be done and you don't come out until it's finished. When I was a kid, it took me hours to clean or do one chore. Now I tell the girls, "just get in, do it and you can go play." My mom used to say it to me and I never figured it out either.
I ask Hazel and CC to clean their own room. Sometimes it takes them all day, they dillydally around in there for hours, coming out to go to the bathroom and tell me they are hungry, I usually send bowls of snacks in to the natives and let them continue with their non-existent cleaning. Those are the days that I see great and imaginative things coming out of their minds. In the end, I push and push and they get it cleaned up in no time flat, but it took them all day to get there.


  1. Adorable little witches :) I especially like their hat bands/ruffles - sort of hard to find them scary, haha. Oh, and I'm glad you're married to a man who doesn't think that your only place is in the home. We ALL need our 'alone time' now and then and it doesn't negate your worth as a women, wife, or mother. Enjoy your Fridays xoxoxox auntie g

  2. Oh man, did you have that book in your possession? I was so excited I am going to start reading it to the girls on our next trip. Thank you so much!

    we had a wonderful time with your mom and Chuck this weekend, she makes some pretty good food! I will have to get the soup recipe she cooked us from her.

    Will we see you at Richards retirement party?

  3. They are not so different than many dillydallying adults I know.