Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Room Shake-Up

 A few weekends ago my sister Leah came to visit. She has 7 children and a wonderful husband named Jay (He and his family changed my life for the good, I should tell you about it some day). Over food preparation she confessed, "Jay is talking big room shake-up and frankly it has got me feeling a little anxious." It was said in a whispered voice, like it was something illicit, jay is talking one more hoist or one last big score, but room changing, how bad could it be?
It got me thinking about how we could get more space. N8 and I got all excited about our own "room shake-up"

This weekend we did the great room shake up and we are all exhausted. Disassemble and reassemble 3 cribs and a bunk bed, assemble shelves for toys, move all toys (what they have left after we sorted through them, my kids don't really play with toys they just step on them) move clothes and 'babyphernalia' around. So the triplets switched rooms with Hazel and CC and the toys moved to the extra room. Hopefully, this will help Hazel and CC keep their room a little more clean and we do feel more organized having sifted through so many papers, clothes, toys, 'babyphernalia' and so forth.

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  1. Feels good, doesn't it? I shook a couch out of my house recently and now Laurin's sitting on it. Everybody wins.