Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Just Had A Wonderful Night

My good friend Clarinne works at the Eldridge Senior Center. She takes the seniors on outings. Tonight, she was taking them to the play, The Hundred Dresses at BYU and asked if I would drive them in the limo. I had such a wonderful time. So far this limo has been a source of fun and joy, it represents freedom and good humor. Georgia once said, it is a thing of laughable beauty. So it is. I can finally take my all friends and their children places, I get to share at a time when I can't do a whole lot to help others, sharing is something I can do. I am grateful to have it and happy to share. And for me, fitting a triplet stroller in there means total freedom.

There ended up being 11 wonderful seniors in the back. I hope to have friend like these in my golden years. I report the following comments as the seniors wiggled their way in back. "where's the handle on this thing?" "These seats are too low. I can't get up.""Whats going on?" "I can't slide my hip over." "Ow, my kidney." "Here let me give you a hand.""What's taking so long getting out, where's the bottleneck?"

Sardine city. I was so pleased to be asked to drive. Not a single one of the seniors had ever been in a limo. (I hadn't either before I bought one.) They were good sports, willing to squeeze in so everyone could go together. They even laughed at how "decrepit" they sounded trying to get settled- their words, not mine. The two gentlemen you see, helped jump start the limo when I dried up the battery waiting for everyone to get ice cream at the Creamery. You can't turn off the car and leave all the bells and whistles on.

I took up five parking spaces at BYU, it really was the only way to park. Those greedy ol' BYU parking cops didn't even give me a ticket, they probably didn't have a protocol for people like me- good, keep it that way.
The Hundred Dresses play was delightful. It is wonderful to have such a fine school nearby to be cultured by. I found that I knew all the songs they sang/hummed/whistled during scene changes and I wanted to hear more. (Old war and jazz favorites) I can only hope my children turn out to be more like Maggie, with a kind heart and a conscience, even when mom is not around.

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