Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Babies All Have a Tell

Quinn, Wilson and James (2months)
Everyday I juggle. Quinn and James up- feed them, play with them, put them in the swing til they are tired, put them down, Wilson wakes up- feed, play, tummy time, back to bed, James wakes up, Quinn may sleep longer etc.. up, down, up, down. One up, 2 down, 2 down, one up. All day long. All the while, I am trying to shower, feed Hazel and CC (assuming they approve of my offerings), get ready, tidy the house, make something for dinner, do hairs-dos for H and CC, find something educational for them to do before they lose themselves in the fluff and silliness of being princesses and being 3. According to the rotation of the day, I have 2 cribs in one room and an Amby Baby in our room. I just keep rotating them. Who is asleep and where can I put the next one? Depending on how long they have slept or how tired they are I try to put them where they won't wake the others.

When N8s sister Tiffany had the twins. (We are not the only multiples in his family or in mine.) They were the first of all N8s family's grandchildren. I remember her teaching me that her babies had certain cries for what they wanted. With Hazel and CC I was too frantic and concerned to figure them out very well. I would think I had them figured out then the game changed.

QJW are easy cheese compared to Hazel and CC. Quinn, as soon as her happy babble turns into whining. I pop her into bed and she practically thanks me as I walk out the door. She never even needs to cry.
James, he starts to squeal. Loud, high pitched. Get that kid in bed. No crying. Neither of these babies ever need to cry. They get what they want by telling me straight up. They only cry, when I can't get them bottles fast enough or when having to wait for me. Wilson, again, he is a different story. When his head starts to drop and his body relaxes, get him in bed and sometimes you can get out of the room before he realizes and cares that you just put him down. He has a new partner in crime, Melissa still in high school, lives a few doors down and likes to stay up late came by tonight, asked if we wanted to give up Wilson for a while. She just brought him back. Asleep.
CC and James

Hazel and Quinn (notice the bottom of the bottle is labeled, we chose to have only one bottle for each baby. That way it is cleaned and accounted for every time and no rotten milk bottles litter kitchen or floors)

Haz and James

Me, Quinn and Wilson-- someday I will post pics of the tri-feed. It is totally doable, if you are gonna feed one baby, you might as well feed three! I love this life!!

Wilson and his adoring mum- I love these wraps. They let me get things done while I can feel close to the babes.

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  1. Eating, sleeping. I'm still trying to master these myself.