Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Why I served a Mormon Mission

I was raised in a good family and I had always gone to church. I had studied the scriptures from a young age and felt that they had been instrumental in saving me from diving off the teenage cliffs of experimentation, rebellion and regret. I wanted to do something to thank my heavenly father for being such a strong influence in my life. I also wanted to explore the world and help others. I could have done a stint as a peace corp volunteer but as I said I wanted to give that time to God and see what happened with it. It turns out if you give your time/life to God, he repays you over and over, opens the windows of heaven and blesses you in your life more than you could have earned on your own. 

I also solidified a testimony of Jesus Christ and repentance. My belief in God and Jesus Christ is one of the single most guiding aspects in my life and it is one of my treasured possessions. I learned that the Joseph Smith story, the word of wisdom and chastity before marriage were just crazy talk to people and I understood their viewpoint, but I didn't share it, because I've been blessed by too many times by living them and believing it. I became fearless knocking on doors and visiting in homes that were unknown, I built social skills and learn discipline that I still use everyday, I learned to care for people the world had forgotten, I brought hope, I served anyone and everyone. SO If you have Mormon Missionaries beating down your door, put them to work, they love it and they work hard. But what they really love, is talking about Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation. You will realize that having mormons around is a bit like having a lucky cricket. Things just go better. 

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