Sunday, February 10, 2013

Picture This

Hazel and Claire enjoying the company of sisters Tori and Macy

Wilson fulfills his lifelong ambition to drive and now has nothing more to live for

It's winter, I am always on to lookout for places out of the home to play. So it ends up that James is in heaven on the crock pot/rice cooker/popcorn aisle at the thrift store. Interestingly, the items named are the things he carries around our house all day and has subsequently broken. Lid on, lid off, lid on, lid off. Oops, sorry mom.

I'm trying to decide which of the two girls (Quinn or Hazel) loves playing in the snow more, Quinn who eats snow like candy and fights not to have to go inside when her wimpy brothers get cold...

Or Hazel, who wanders around our backyard playing for hours, shoveling in snowdrifts, swinging on frozen swings and knocking down icicles
Sophie and Claire build a snowman. (Does this snowman look a little like a Calvin and Hobbs snowman?)


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