Sunday, January 6, 2013

In No Particular Order...

Hazel, New Years party at the Mall, one determined little climber. She didn't make it to the top but she swears next year she will. Chill out kid, you're five. I'm not sure I could make it. Although next year, I promise to try and climb with Hazel and I will sing karaoke -just to get myself scared stupid. Actually, I'm torn between going to Idaho and participating in the polar bear swim or going back to the beloved mall New Years party.
My finest kitchen help. These two, James and Wilson are always lurking around in the kitchen trying to get up on a stool and wash dishes or help mom cook

Legendary Dollhouse
Merry Christmas Kids.

Happy New Years
Found princesses, must stare. Lost blue balloon dog, can you see it?

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  1. The Santa photo makes me laugh out loud every time.