Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spilled Milk

The world I live in is muddled, although I love it, I am constantly juggling children and tasks and I can rarely break through the fog to finish whole tasks, is there a medicine for that?

If I want to play games with the girls, I have to go downstairs to get the games, going downstairs means I should put in a load of laundry, if I'm going to do the laundry, I need to collect it from each room. So I should separate the darks/lights too. While I'm downstairs, I'll just grab what we need from food storage for dinner and get the meat thawing. The babies will be up soon, so I should get their bottles ready. Okay, done, now I can play...oh sorry the babies are up, be back in a minute.

My day is constantly divided into 'how I can be more efficient' and 'how many things I can get done at once'. I am worried because there are so many interruptions in my thought processes during the day that I believe this is truly how alzheimer's really comes about.

Sometimes, I will be downstairs bringing up laundry and a fleeting thought will cross my mind that has been bothering me for days, something I am trying to catch, something I need to remember to do. I will drop everything to run to the whiteboard in the kitchen and trap it into words. Only to be interrupted by a request to fix a broken toy, read a book or play And within that moment, the fleeting thought is lost and I feel like falling to the ground and crying over my spilled milk. Is this normal?


  1. I love that you wrote this. I was just telling Scott that one of the hardest things about being a mom is that there are constantly "catches." Even the simplest tasks come with speed bumps. When you need to sharpen a pencil you find that the pencil sharpener is jammed, so you have to unjam it. When you need to find something to write with, the drawer is filled with yellow crayons and yellow highlighters, so you have to look elsewhere, and write down PENS on your shopping list. You need to use the bathroom, the last person didn't change the toilet paper, so you change it. Finally find that you've finished everything you need to do and then you smell a dirty diaper (or in your case three). There is a catch to everything when you're a is not efficient or straight forward or smooth. I guess that is why moms are so amazing. Especially moms like you!

  2. I don't know, but I believe, that you are very very normal. And maybe you do need to cry a little more. Are you guys doing things in a way that allows you to have a day off once in a while? Do you need some sisterly intervention? That can happen, you know. Or maybe you don't know, but it can. I love and admire you, Sherry. You're doing things I can only marvel at, superhuman things I could probably never do in a million years.

  3. think of you every day of my life, honeychild.
    you are totally not normal- you are above average awesome. amen.
    i would be worried if you DIDNT show some sort of emotion.
    you are admired by many.

  4. I love the comment that Holly wrote!
    I will second her exact words!

    Love you Sherry, you'll always be a Super mom!