Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Each His Own

I took Hazel and CC on a date the other night, just us gals. We saw the Muppets and went to the mall.

At the movies we stepped into the restroom. A mother and her young daughter were washing hands at the sinks. The little girl was having trouble turning her tap off so her mom stepped over to help, turned off her child's tap, inadvertently forgot her own running tap, and walked out.
I looked after her while I washed up, "glad I don't have a scattered brain like that!" I said to myself as I  left the tap running and walked out. At least I caught myself!

While at the mall, I took the girls to Claire's boutique and told them to find something they liked. I want my kids to make clothing choices now so that I can see the pattern of their likes and dislikes, they can find who they are and decide their own style and I can help along the way.
Hazel and CC sporting their fine new headbands
Every headband was tried on and discarded, every hat and pair of glasses refused. CC finally found her perfect headband, Hazel finally found her perfect...err the picture says it all. Earmuffs. She was so in love with the ear muffs. "Mom! These are so perfect for me! I love them!"  To each his own. Hazel found it unconscionable that CC got to wear her headband to church and she didn't get to wear hers.

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