Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Claire's Hair

I have been blessed with a little girl that has delightful corn silky hair with natural honey butter and caramel highlights (yum, Oo I just got hungry). It is lovely and curly. This picture doesn't do it justice. When her hair is in pigtails all I need to do is give them a twist and they form a perfect ringlet from top to bottom.  To achieve its grandeur all that is needed is to be wet and brushed... and therein lies the problem. Every morning, her fine little girl hair is a rats nest of impassive tangles. CC will you get the spray and the brush? I can hear the whininess creeping up her throat before she even opens her mouth. So I counter, it must be done or it will be worse tomorrow. I take the spray to her hair, no sooner do I spray, than her hair combines forces to form an impervious shield, the spray dribbles onto her neck and down her shirt. Mom, I'm so cold, (I begin to brush), Mom you're hurting me, you're brushing too fast! Ouww! (hold your head still, I almost done) It's the same old song and dance just about every day.

I'm still baffled. Can someone tell me, how did I got a daughter with hair this color?


  1. She is such a cutie. And may I say how beautiful you look in that photo! I remember as a child, I had hair like CC's. I would scream as my mother would brush it. So I always wanted my daddy to brush my hair. He was so gentle and sweet! Yep, I was a daddy's girl.

  2. I totally feel your pain (though not CC's, my hair has always been super straight). Janey is exactly the same way--I don't even have to be brushing her curly locks to get the whinies started. I wish I had some great advice, but really, that's what I do, too--wash her hair with something meant for curly hair, then use the detangling sprays (I like Johnson's best, but haven't branched out much from that). And then just suffer through it.

    That CC sure is a beauty, though. What a great picture of both of you!

  3. What a beautiful picture of the two of you!

  4. I say, blame Richard. Has Pam been telling you all of my hair horror stories? Just do me one favor...don't cut it. I'm secretly still a little bitter that mine was cut off when I was a child.

    If CC is having hair woes, have her call auntie Jen!!!