Friday, July 6, 2012

What's More American Than Captain America?

We found old garbage can lids in the backyard when we cleaned it out years ago. The girls have a thing for the Avengers, eh, could be worse.
For Hazel and Claire, Thursday nights have become movie night with dad. Starting on Monday they are jonesing for Thursday, 'Mom is tonight movie night?' They really look forward to it and Nate seems to enjoy having his little girls crawl on him with laptop in hand, turning on a Netflix and then falling asleep. 

In his attempts to stay awake he has introduced them to old cartoons he enjoyed like The Avengers, Spiderman and Superman. The other day Claire said that she didn't like princesses anymore only superheros, while I know that to be a pile of baloney, I appreciate that it isn't only about princesses anymore.

I, for one get a kick out of watching the My Little Pony series on Netflix (with the girls) and I have it on good authority that quite a few other mothers do. Just don't ever make me watch Dora again.

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  1. Just stopped by to take a look at your Captain America shields! My son (age 18) is making one for his little girl cousin (age 4) for her birthday! She informed her mother (my sister)that she wanted a "Capin America" party and that no one coming can wear dresses because HE would never wear a dress. Her mom said she would not put any stipulations on dress for the party since she was sharing her party with her younger sister who turns 2 the same month. She looks up and says "well if any of my friends come in a dress, I am going to say they are at my sisters party." TOO funny!
    We were pleasantly surprised to see other little girls enjoying saving the planet from the evil doers!