Sunday, December 18, 2011

Old Dog- New Trick

Recently, we began playing games with some old friends of ours, Jeff and Amanda. I know they are really letting me play because N8 comes with me and he is really good. We play Nerts, I am a beginner. The first to make it to 100 wins. N8, Jeff and Amanda are all pretty competitive, I would be, if I even had a shot. Their scores are usually within a few points of the winner, while I am still hovering somewhere in the negatives. Thanks for letting me play guys!

We played games growing up, but it was Risk (Dang you -Dad and your Australia strategy!), Stratego and Rummikub. I have been opened up to a new world that I will probably never conquer, N8 and Jeff both come from big game families. Apparently, Tiffany and Annie (N8s sisters) are really good, so are some of the cousins. They have been playing it for years. Is it like learning a different language? Is it easier to master such things while you are young? Is there a Nerts Immersion program at the local elementary school?


  1. Meredith is an EXPERT at Nerts! You and I would make a great team :)