Thursday, January 5, 2012

As These Scenes Unfold

Look at these lovely little girls. Quinn is a great little mix of Hazel and CC with her dark hair and chubby cheeks
Ouch! We have all lost more hair than we are willing to admit, by the fistfuls. Hazel and CC have been instructed to pull their hair out out of chubby harms way while saying, "Soft baby, soft baby." Then show stroking soft hands, but we are all losing our calm, James learned to crawl by using my hair as the "carrot on a stick" while I lay on the floor
Hazel prayed that the babies would stop pulling mommys' hair. We have all taken to wearing ponytails and braids everyday, these babies are notoriously gleeful hair-pullers. We should leave a basket of ponytail holders at the door for visitors, for your own protection!

Quinn can go everywhere, even to attack the trainset that rides around the Christmas tree, TTMTB. (Totally Too Much Temptation for Baby)

James making his first escape from the bedroom

A little scared then...

A little proud, first the bedroom, then the world! Yay Jamie! Two Murray units fully mobilized, stay tuned for the ultimate mobilization of my small army. In the summer, I will begin the aquatics division of my amphibious assault, soon I will conquer the world! (maniacal laughter) That really just means we have a swim pass...


  1. Go babies, look out world!! hugs all around xoxoxo

  2. I think you should have Justin Hackworth meet you at the pool to document.

    (Word verification: floggie)