Sunday, November 6, 2011

That's My Girl!

I let the girls eat all the Halloween candy they wanted. I think they had it eaten by Nov 2nd. I did not want one more thing to control. I felt like it didn't matter one way or the other how much they ate as long as they ate their meals and took their naps, just get it all over with. I didn't want the girls to come to me every five minutes asking for candy, I wanted them to have this freedom. So the girls are munching away on the candy in their rooms, Hazel comes running out. "Mom! What candy is this?" (They don't know the names of the candy so if it's a good one, they bring me the wrapper and ask the name.) 'It's an Almond Joy' "Oh Mom, it's so good it's my favorite."

I love coconut too. When I was a kid my dad told me that true Canadians love coconut. (I grew up in Canada til I was 12.) Now I know he was teasing my mother who grew up in Arizona loves summer but lived in Canada for years poor thing and doesn't much care for coconut. Those are the sort of hair-on-your-chest comments my dad used to make.
This weekend for the BSU vs UNLV game I bought a bag of coconut M and Ms. None of the Murray extended family wanted any so I got the bag to myself. They sort of taste like sugar, chocolate and suntan lotion but for a snack they are tropical. I much prefer the Almond Joy version of M and Ms, at least they bothered to put ground coconut in theirs.

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  1. I love Almond Joy too! I have to stock up on some m&m ones when I get to Idaho.