Monday, November 21, 2011


A spectral image. Perhaps something you imagined?  The phantom. This is the name of our limo. Blanca was a good name, it was feminine and crusty, we used it for a time, but it didn't embody the mystique of driving an old school limo in on the "south side" of town if you know what I mean. Did I really just see a limo drive by? Yes, the Phantom.
Are those movie starlets really washing their own car? On the trip back from Spokane, Haz and CC blow off
some stored-up energy.
Is that a limo? What are they doing washing the trunk? Who's kids are those anyway?
We had a wonderful trip, not that I want to do it again, ever. 27 hours in the car is enough for anyone.


  1. Imagine the terrific stories these girls will have to tell when they grow up :) xoxo g

  2. I'd love to get a movie camera and document your next road trip.

  3. THIS is awesome.... what I would give to see the "onlookers" expressions!!