Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tips I Don't Want To Forget

Our bottle station. We buy formula from Sams Club, it doesn't froth up like Costco and Similac do. Less bubbles and gas. On a different note, I can tell you how many baby wipes it will take me to clean a messy bottom based on the brand. Pampers, 3 wipes they are a little thin and soggy, Huggies are too thick and sometime dry so they are less aerodynamic but it would take me 2 wipes and more time. Costco has the best wipes, easiest to pull out, quickest to wipe with, not too soapy, not too dry, good smell, it will take me 2 wipes -one to clean the big mess and one for fine tuning.
We froze all of our food flat for better storage space, in this case grated zucchini for soups and breads, chili and cut up cooked chicken.

We made extra meals while I was pregnant and listed them on the side of the freezer with a dry erase marker
We always bathe babies in a blanket or towel so they stay warm and we wash their hair last so they don't lose heat through their head

I read once that if you paint the ceiling of your porch blue, you will have less bugs. For nine bucks and a little labor it was worth the effort. It totally works, no spiderwebs or tiny fly build up out there.


  1. Would a Greek blue work? Or does it have to be pastel-ly?

  2. Hey! We learned the bathing in a blanket trick, and washing head last from the that where you got it too? Also, I totally agree about the wipes! Although, I haven't tried costco brand yet...I will.