Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prevent Illness

I have always heard of the importance of being careful with Superglue. I always have been. But this weekend as I was gluing the jewel back into Hazels ring, I forgot. Somehow my mothers words, "be careful you don't superglue your fingers", didn't come into my head as they should have, my head was buzzing around with a little girl that doesn't hold still, bebopping around me while I was trying to hold very still and super glue her ring.
I got myself so good with the superglue that N8 had to pull my fingers apart. Ouch. There has been good that has come from the dilemma of superglued fingers. Here is my dilemmonade. I feel that with super glue stuck on my fingertips, I am unable to retain the moisture in the tips of my fingers needed to keep germs alive, therefore I believe I carry and harbor no germs. If I do pick up germs, it is neither comfortable nor pleasant to scratch mucus membranes near tender-tissued eyes or nose, thereby preventing my own inoculation. 

I also have the darnedest time feeling my fingers as I write, and using the touch pad on computer. I do have however, excellently exfoliated skin, as the broken glue on my fingers serves well to expel unwanted skin.


  1. Dilemmonade! There's one for my personal dictionary. Leave it to Sherry. Thanks, pal. Glad you're not carrying germs.

  2. P.S. I'm sad you took down your "Friday Is a Special Day" post. Did you think it was negative? I thought it was real, and good.

    Except for the position of the fellow who doesn't believe women should leave their homes. It doesn't sound right to me even in theory.