Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Deal With The Devil

I must share this fashion secret. I have carried it with me for far too long. When I was no more than a giddy school girl, I came across a fashion magazine that claimed the best lip liner ever was #666 Wet n Wild. I took this to heart and shared it with my buddy Lillie McDonald and my sister Leah.

Wet n Wild must have made a deal with the devil to get a shade this perfect. I am always a little freaked out at why they would actually use the reference #666 but I flip it over, calling it #999 and feel fine about it.

While my sister was visiting last weekend, we both confessed that we still use it, try as we have other brands and shades, it's a total winner. Years have passed since I stumbled across this article and try as I might, I really cannot find any liner that can compare. It matches every lip color. It has never let me down. It goes with any lipstick except red red lips. Use it alone with gloss and your lips look rosy and natural. Use it with any color and it blends or matches well. I challenge you to defy me. It's gonna run you about 2 bucks, maybe less.

Here is where I should be posting pictures of succulent lips in different shades with the same liner, but you are just gonna have to believe me. I invite comment once you have tried it.

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  1. Well, I'm gonna comment anyway. You leak this info to the press and we will never be able to elect a Mormon U.S. president!