Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh, How Can We Figure This Out?

Quinn taking a bite of delicious nutritious I dunno, James eating his bib and Wil in the background waiting for his chomp. We should turn James and Quinn around, then we could stand in one place, instead of making ourselves dizzy walking around the island giving bites. At this point they share the same spoon and bowl for time sake. They are all exposed to the same germs at this point, we will figure that separate stuff later, once we have a better seating arrangement. The other blue chair in the background is a booster for the girls.
So here is the seating arrangement thus far. Anyone got a better idea? I was even thinking of taking the legs off our dining room table so we would all sit on the floor Japanese style, but my mother in law assures me not everyone is as comfortable sitting on the floor as I am. But not everyone has triples or eats at our table.
I am ashamed to admit that we don't often sit as a family for dinner. Usually one of us is on baby duty while the other eats with the girls, I know it galls my mother to the core to read this. She, of the double veggies and set the table lifestyle. I am just excited (and surprised) to get a main course cooked! Usually, I rely on the fruits or veggies Hazel and CC eat during the day to be enough.
So for dinner tonight I made a pot roast with potatoes. Usually, because I am my mothers daughter I would have to set the table and make a salad and some type of veggie. We would all sit down together and pray, then eat. Clear the table. Do dishes. It is a little more hectic than that and I hope Mom forgives me, I know she does. We will get it figured out, give me a few more years. All I hope for is some little girls that wash their hands before and clear their places when they are done. Low standards are so easy to strive for.


  1. Maybe a really big lazy Susan with seats and you could spin the babies? A chow time carousel?

    Maybe stadium seating? A modified ladder?

  2. That lazy susan idea has great potential! Everytime I look at these pictures I realize genetics are an amazing thing. I see Kendall in Quinn; Cam in Wil; a baby Robbie in James; and CC could have been Jennifer in her heyday :) So fun to see them growing and thriving -- can't wait to meet those little munchkins in person. Love to all of you, Auntie G

  3. we had pot roast tonight! yay pot roast!

    and, must I say it? don't be so hard on yourself, darling... making dinner and feeding people is good enough for now... things will eventually settle and everyone can eat veggies together :)